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Why Grass Fed Beef Is Better

1. It's Better For you

– No antibiotics or hormones are ever used in producing any of our animals.
– Our beef is lower in both fat and calories than conventional beef as well as being higher in Omega-3 fatty acids essential for enhancing heart health.

2. It's Better For Animals

– Our cattle spend their entire lives in a pasture, in a stress-free environment, grazing in the kind of communal groups they prefer. They are never given hormones to enhance their growth nor is grain ever a part of their diet.

3. It's Better For the Land

– Feeding cattle a diet of grazed grass requires much less fossil fuel and impacts the environment in a positive manner. Our cattle eat grass and naturally fertilize the land to grow more grass, never adding extra carbon to the atmosphere.
– Sustainable management intensive grazing, practiced on our farm, helps keep cattle, air, land, and water healthy and can actually lower our carbon footprint.

4. It’s Better Tasting Beef

– 100% grass-fed beef provides a more complex and interesting tasting beef; like a fine wine, grass-fed beef is nuanced. It varies depending on where the cattle have fed as well as the season of the year.
– Our beef is dry-aged to intensify its flavor and tenderness. You will notice the difference from your very first bite. Our beef has a unique taste you will want to savor again and again!

5. It’s Better Pork

– You hear a lot about “grass-fed and pastured” meat products these days and you may be a little confused. We use the term “pastured” when referring to our pigs to help minimize confusion. They get the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and grass! All of our hogs are raised on pasture. They are given free range of pasture and supplemented with fresh vegetables and just enough grain to supply the needed protein for growth. NO meat by-products, NO antibiotics, NO steroids, NO medicated feeds are ever used.

6. It’s Healthier Chickens

– Our free-range chickens’ diet is all natural and varied, no hormones or antibiotics are ever used. Caged commercial birds can only eat what is placed in front of them; their feed often includes growth hormones, meat and bone meals, as well as antibiotics and chemicals.  intensive grazing, practiced on our farm, helps keep cattle, air, land, and water healthy and can actually lower our carbon footprint.

Grass Fed and Finished Beef Health Facts

  • Low saturated fat levels (Similar to the levels fount in lean chicken breasts.)
  • High in “good fat” Omega-3’s (also commonly found in certain fish, such as salmon and tuna)
  • High doses of conjugated linoleleic acid (CLA), thought by many to be a cancer fighter
  • Reduced exposure to E. Coli bacteria
  • Features and agricultural process that is ecologically friendly
  • Many people are conscious of the amount and type of fat in their daily diets. Grass fed beef is leaner and healthier than higher-fat content beef produced using traditional cattle feeding methods.
  • The overall fat content of grass fed beef is about 25% lower than that of typical corn fed cattle.
  • A 6-ounce steak from grass finished beef has almost 100 fewer calories than a 6-ounce steak from a grain fed steer.