Nice To Meat You!

For those of you who regularly followed our blog, you probably noticed it’s been a little empty around here. It’s been a busy two years since our last blog post, and things still haven’t totally settled down! Here are a few things that we’ve gotten done since our last post.

New Products: Tennessee Grass Fed now proudly supplies uncured beef bacon, which means it isn’t cured with nitrites (which pose health risks including a greater risk of cancer). We also now sell grass fed butter and other local farm store products like honey. We plan to roll out some seasonings in our store within the next couple weeks! There’s also a bone broth package that you can use to make hearty meals (and it goes surprisingly well in a smoothie)!



Keto: We now offer a line of products catered to those on a ketogenic (low-carb, high-fat) diet, including sugar- and nitrite-free bacon and pork steaks. No reason dieting should mean you can’t eat anything tasty, after all! For you keto meat fanatics, there’s a whole CrossFit package in our store loaded with good stuff. And speaking of CrossFit…

New Pickup Locations: We now supply our products to 14 pickup locations across the state of Tennessee. This includes Clarksville, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Hendersonville, Pleasant View, Mt. Juliet, Ashland City, and Smyrna. Our latest location is close to home: Always Strong Fitness here in Clarksville! Now you CrossFit fans can work out while you eat. Well, you should probably cook the stuff first but you get it. (We’re also soon adding a new location at the Dover Farmer’s Co-Op!)

More to come: These are just a few of our highlights from the past couple years. We’re always trying new things here on the farm! You can read more about all this throughout our website, and through our social media! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for constant updates on products, sales, and events. We’ve also got T-shirts for sale in our store, for those of you that wanna rep us wherever you go.

As for this blog: we’re back, baby. Check in with us frequently for a little behind-the-scenes action and learn a little more about us. Thanks for sticking around!

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