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“We met the most wonderful people today at this establishment! Lots of options and very reasonable prices. We will definitely be going back for our meat needs!”
ShelbyDeyoung Ensley

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“The best meat our family has tasted in years! I know, it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I promise you I’m not. We purchased 2 Sirloin steaks, which I thawed, salted & peppered, added a little olive oil, and placed them on a medium heated gas grill. Grilled the steaks to 130 degrees, wrapped them in aluminum foil and then ate them with a delicious queso rice mixture. Beyond delicious!! Can’t wait to try the other meats we purchased!”

Marcie Wright

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“We will now be loyal customers! Tennessee grass fed was recommended to us by a friend and I will never buy from the grocery again for as long as we live in this area!”

Natalie Kuczma Hanna

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“Thank you so much Victoria.  We love Tennessee Grassfed and all that you do. Thanks for feeding our family the best meat possible. Have a great day, Jennifer”

Jennifer Ross-Craze

Via email

“Tennessee Grass Fed meats are now the only meats my family will eat! The quality of their products and their customer service is always above and and beyond our expectations!”

Cheryl Querry

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“I LOVE how friendly and nice these people are , they treat their animals humanely and with respect. Their meat is fresh , organic and non GMO , and it’s delicious . I love buying from them at the Clarksville market .”

Viviana Bayran

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“We don’t even like store bought meat after having Tennessee Grass Fed. Every cut we have had is delicious!!”

Shelbye Kovalcik

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“The bacon is the business. I will gladly buy into my wife’s hippy nonsense about grass-fed beef if our meat-stuffs continue to come from this farm. Fantastic American red meat makes for delicious living. Pairs well with any scotch.”

Dustyn W. Brewer

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“Country ribs are my favorite cut of meat. Your’s were the first pastured pork that I’d ever had and they were absolutely incredible!”

Lauren Renee-Zartman Martino

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