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Our Story

Our Story

From Our Farm to Your Kitchen

“The land is not a gift from our parents, but a loan from our children.” In 2007, Phil and Kathy Baggett made the transition toward grass-fed farming with this ancient Indian proverb in mind. Their mission involved healing and improving the land they care for while producing wholesome products that benefitted themselves and the community around them.  The origins of the farmland that hosts the Tennessee Grass Fed cattle date back to 1837, when Adam Stack -- Phil Baggett’s great-grandfather -- bought the original tract of land to begin farming. The farm’s original purpose of producing tobacco and other row crops lasted over one hundred years before it ultimately transitioned into the grass-fed farm it is today. Phil and Kathy’s goal of producing foods that are naturally delicious and nutritionally superior comes from their belief that the animal protein portion of our diet should come from livestock raised on their natural diet -- not one of added hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or other additive. Their vision of providing these goods eventually turned into Tennessee Grass Fed, a local business based in Clarksville, Tennessee that provides grass fed beef and other local products straight from its farm to your kitchen. We at Tennessee Grass Fed thank you for choosing to shop local and support businesses like ours that aim to provide the highest quality products for the community around us.